video ad composite tour band party intinerary
Madison Square Garden, June 10 and 11, was added after the tour began.
pat bill
Final dress rehearsals were on a soundstage at Hollywood Center Studios. Musical director Pat Leonard (left).
bill rehearsal
I don't think these costumes made it as far as the actual concerts.
My main instrument for bass, a Moog Source. Programs 6, 10 and 16 are labled for concert songs. It took so long for the pitch to stabilize on this thing, it was the very first piece of equipment brought into each venue and plugged in right away.
Yamaha BB1000S used on "Everybody" and "Material Girl" Octave up strings and whammy bar added after the tour.
music cheat sheet
One of my cheat sheets for the rehearsals.
hotel room studio
High-tech practice gear in my suite at the Four Seasons, Seattle, the hotel for the first venue.
opening night worksheet
Opening night worksheet.
madonna good luck note
I found this in my hotel room the day of the opening.
Paul Pesco, one of the two guitarists at sound check for the fourth venue in San Diego. The next six images are from that sound check.
madonna billy print
Billy Meyers, one of the two keyboardists.
madonna pat
Madonna and Pat.
madonna pat 2 my rig
My rig, mostly supplied by Yamaha. On top is one of the first Yamaha DX7s. Pedals for volume and a switcher for the three axes. The Yamaha amp sucked and the bass wasn't much better. Tour drummer Jonathan Moffett.
dave cobb
Dave Kobb, an amazing sound man; after a half dozen venues, sound checks became kinda superfluous.
bill w:crowd
With the crowd still filing in.
madonna money, phil lanph, live aid
During "Material Girl" Madonna threw handfuls of this Madonna money into the crowd. What a coincidence that my brother Phil was on the staff at the Universal Amphitheatre!
beastie boys
The Beastie Boys opened and were hated by the audience and press. The trio didn't seem to give a shit and Madonna was behind them 100%. They were a riot to hang out with.
all access pass madonna_bus
In Texas on one of the few bus trips, all of them under 125 miles. L-R: Liz (M's personal assitant), a Time magazine reporter, brown-haired person, M, Chris (Ms bro), Freddy (M's manager), and Rusty (tour accountant)
new orleans room
My room, Hotel Iverville, New Orleans.
maria bike
Royal St., New Orleans
madonna letter to parents_0001
Letter to home.
madonna backstage signed
In Toronto, I talked everyone into posing for a picture that C. Taves shot for me. Standing: James, Pat, Billy, M, Jonathan, BL, Paul. Kneeling Michael and Lyndon. Many of her autographs were actually ghost-signed by her assistant, but I watched as she signed this one for my parents. The signature matches that on the good luck note.
madonna paul
M and Lyndon Baines Johnson. They liked hanging out together at the airports.
james pre-mob
James and I went for a walk in Toronto and encountered these Madonna fans outside the hotel, who seemed to assume we had nothing to do with the tour. So, I asked if I could take their picture with my friend.
james mobbed
Then I announced, "He's Madonna's guitar player!"
last gig worksheet
This worksheet was drawn up before two nights at Madison Square Garden were tacked on.
concert ticket
There were always plenty of great comp seats available to band members and many, like this one, went unused. I took a single one out to the parking lot and spied a very sad looking little girl, apparently with no ticket, being driven away by her mom. I flagged them down, convinced them to open a window, and tossed the ticket into the car.
bl_maddona on stage for bl_72dpi
For what I thought would be only a backup, I asked a photographer in Ohio to shoot a roll of me. She shot James instead. Someday, maybe a decent photo of me on stage will turn up.
About a month after the tour ended, and at the last possible second, Madonna decided to play Live Aid, which, with simulcasts from London and Philladelphia, drew the largest worldwide audience ever.
On a plane flight, Madonna stuck her foot in the aisle and blocked my way to the bathroom, complaining "You take too many pictures!" And she wouldn't budge. At the wrap party, she tossed a glass of water into my lap. I think it's safe to say she was quite happy to be done with me.